The Word (1978) 2 Discs

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A document is discovered that appears to be an ancient eyewitness account of the life of Jesus Christ. A public relations executive (David Janssen) is hired to publicize this document as a new version of the Bible, but he finds himself enmeshed in controversy and intrigue. A VERY RARE T.V. movie miniseries starring David Janssen (the Fugitive). This suspense/thriller miniseries follows in the tradition of the ,Da Vinci Code,. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Starring: David Janssen, James Whitmore, Florinda Bolkan

Viewer Review: "Imagine a miniseries seriously challenging the authenticity of the Holy Bible?...A hidden gem."

3h 10m

Format: DVD

Best video transfer available. No Pending U.S. DVD release date.

The DVD is encoded NTSC REGION 0 (playable worldwide).

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