The Yakuza DVD (1974)

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When George Tanner (Brian Keith) does business with the high-ranking Yakuza Tono, Tono kidnaps his daughter, and George summons his old friend Harry Kilmer (Robert Mitchum) to Japan to investigate. Harry starts by visiting his old flame, Eiko (Kishi Keiko), and enlists her brother, Ken (Takakura Ken), to help him search. Together, they find the girl, but Ken wounds one of Tono's men and is subsequently marked for death by the Yakuza. Wracked with guilt, Kilmer tries to exonerate Ken. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our website. 

Starring:  Robert Mitchum, Brian Keith, Takakura Ken, Kishi Keiko

Viewer Review:  "This is a powerful and melancholy film.  And is perhaps the most "Japanese" movie ever made by a non-Japanese. The story is rich and multi-layered, featuring not one but two sets of star-crossed lovers in a brilliant and melancholy examination of contrasting themes of memory, secrets and betrayal, friendship, honor and obligation. The script is both literate and intricate; the characters' motives are almost always obscure until another layer of deception is stripped away. The Yakuza" is a work that deserves a much larger audience, one which will totally engage a thoughtful viewer with its universal themes worked out against the background of a very different culture, with its own mindset and traditions. I give it my highest recommendation."

1h, 52m

Format: DVD

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