The Ultimate Warrior (1975) Yul Brynner

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Only a few people still live in post-apocalypse New York City. They are organized in gangs with their own turfs. One of them is led by Baron, another one by Carrot, and they are constantly at war with each other. Baron's gang is more peaceful and have developed seeds that can germinate despite the virus plague. A lone ranger, Carson (Brynner), is hired by Baron for protection.

Starring:  Yul Brynner, Max von Sydow, Joanna Miles

Viewer Review:  "This is the movie that virtually set the template for all post-apocalypse action films. Yul Brynner, pushing sixty at the time of filming(!) has enough old school movie star charisma to do more than justice to his warrior-like role. He also brings an air of dignity and authority to the film. Take the cool story, cool post-apocalyptic sets and Brynner's and Von Sydow's presence and b-movie legend WILLIAM SMITH as the heavy and you have an exciting way to spend 90+ minutes. One final note, the cinematography by Gerald Hirschfield is quite lovely; Hirshfield's cinematography creates an eerie, diffuse beauty out of the images of a decayed, empty metropolis. Highly recommended."

1h, 34m

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