Villa Rides DVD (1968)

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Mexican leader Pancho Villa (Yul Brynner) recruits a captured U.S. aviator (Robert Mitchum) to aid his revolution. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page. 

Starring:  Yul Brynner, Robert Mitchum, Charles Bronson

Viewer Review:  I saw this movie back in 1968. Thought it was excellent then...and my opinion has not changed in all these decades. Charles Bronson and Robert Mitchum give wonderful character portrayals. The action keeps coming and coming, and what may seem like down time still has you wondering what is going to happen next. The scenery is authentic and the sets are true to the story. And it was the first time I remember seeing Yul WITH hair! This is a must see in any year!"

2h, 5m

Format: DVD

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