Wicked As They Come DVD (1956)

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A working-class gold digger (Arlene Dahl) ruins her life as she uses men to get what she wants. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page. 

Starring:  Arlene Dahl, Philip Carey, Herbert Marshal

Viewer Review:  "This is an excellent drama which combines film noir, melodrama and psychological elements. Arlene Dahl gives a superb performance as Kathy, a complex character. Kathy is a beautiful and wicked woman who hates men. She ruthlessly uses her smoldering beauty to acquire money and social status. Her demeanor is elegant but cool. Beneath her glamorous allure, Kathy has a heart of ice. It is an excellent movie - brings awareness to people who have been severely traumatized by their past. A hidden gem. Highly recommended!"

1h, 34m

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