Wild Geese II (1985) Scott Glenn, Barbara Carerra, Edward Fox

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A group of mercenaries is hired to spring Rudolf Hess from Spandau Prison in Berlin.

Starring:  Scott Glenn, Barbara Carerra, Edward Fox

Viewer Quote:  "For anyone mildly interested in the historical events of the 'cold war' era, it is an excellent example(without giving away any of the plot) of how the East and West used Hess as a pawn. Olivier as always, does a truly remarkable job portraying the latter day Hess. I could not imagine any other actor being able to portray him so convincingly, and with the usual attention Olivier paid to his visual appearance, he gives a first class performance which has remained in my memory.   Scott Glenn is at the peak of his bad as*ness career. I highly recommend this action packed and entertaining thriller."

Format:  DVD

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