Without A Trace DVD (1983)

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This film, centering on a child,s abduction, casts Kate Nelligan as the distraught mother who lashes out at the police (in the person of a relentless detective played by Judd Hirsch), who treat her and her husband as suspects, even as she hounds them to find her child and drives away her husband (David Dukes) and friends (including Stockard Channing) with her intensity and single-mindedness. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our website.

Starring: Kate Nelligan, Judd Hirsch, Stockard Channing, David Dukes

Viewer Review: "This is a great film! I can,t believe that a movie could cause such an emotional upheaval in my body. I cried because the character development between the boy and his mother was very good. Highly recommended!"


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