Wonder Man DVD (1945)

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Boisterous nightclub entertainer Buzzy Bellew (Danny Kaye) was the witness to a murder committed by gangster Ten Grand Jackson (Steve Cochran). One night, two of Jackson's thugs kill Buzzy and dump his body in the lake at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Buzzy comes back as a ghost and summons his bookworm twin, Edgar Dingle (Danny Kaye), to Prospect Park so that he can help the police nail Jackson. One of Danny Kaye's very best films!   This film is visually beautiful and great fun to watch! Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Starring :  Danny Kay, Steve Cochran, Virginia Mayo

Viewer Quote:  "This is actually a top notch ghost story with a twin brother who gets killed and then has to use his living brother to finish his earthly business. Forced out of his rigid and safe world of libraries and research, he has to enter his brother's world of drinking, performing and gangsters, Danny Kaye is a delight! All in all, a highly underrated film that is well worth seeing. Enjoy!"

1h, 38m

Format: DVD (Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.)

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