Mistakes From Some of the Best Movies Ever Made

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The sole purpose of cinema and movies is to entertain and take the viewer on an emotional ride and it becomes very hard to notice any unusual incidents happening in the movie.  But even the greatest movies of all time can make errors and some of them have been shared down below.

1)  The Godfather (1972)

If not the greatest then certainly one of the greatest and most influential movies of all time. The Godfather is a series of three movies portraying a crime/mafia family in New York. It is the adaptation from the novel of the same name. It is directed by Francis Ford Coppola and it features some of the our greatest actors such as Marlon Brando (Vito Corleone) and Al Pacino (Michael Corleone). It was both a critical and commercial success, and won the Oscar for  Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Adapted Screenplay along with seven other nominations. It depicts the iconic gangster genre and portrays the family chronicles of a family in which Vito is passing on the legacy and empire of the family to his son, Michael. Despite being the benchmark of a movie, a major and obvious error is clearly presented during the fight between Sonny (James Caan) and Carlo (Gianni Russo). Although it might be the most iconic punch in the history of punches, when Sonny attacks Carlo and hits him with a wild punch, it misses him completely, and it can be spotted clearly, but it is depicted as a direct hit. 

2)  12 Angry Men (1957)

A movie completely different from any other commercial movie, it is a courtroom drama directed by Sidney Lumet and it is the adaptation from the teleplay of the same name. It was highly appreciated by the critics and the audience.  It was selected as the second-best courtroom drama ever made. The cast is only identified by their number. It is about the difficulties and heated arguments experienced by a jury in deciding the verdict of a young 18 year old man accused of murder. It explores the different backgrounds and diverse opinions of the jury and discusses each others’ values. However, juror no. 8 does not agree with other members and buys a knife in order to produce new evidence which in reality would result in a mistrial. But even with this mistake, it does not diminish the brilliance of the film.

3)  Casablanca (1942)

A classic masterpiece of romantic-drama movie and one of the greatest movies ever made in Hollywood, Casablanca. Although, it is an adaptation from the stage play, the direction of Micheal Curtiz elevated the the movie to another level.  It won the Academy Awards for the Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay. It is a star-studded movie featuring, Humphrey Bogart (Rick Blaine), Ingrid Bergman (Ilsa Lund), and Paul Henreid (Victor Laszlo). The story takes place during World War II where llsa and her husband Victor are hiding and escaping from the massacre at Casablanca in order that Victor can continue to fight against the Germans. Llsa is former lover of Rick, the night club owner, who  helps them along on their journey.  but Llsa starts to have feeling for Rick again. however, there is a mistake in this great film:  when Sam, the club's pianist is playing off-beat, his hand movements do not match the the sound produced, showing that is not really playing the piano. In spite of this error, Casablanca is still of the greatest movies ever made.

4)  Rear Window (1954)

It is a classical Hollywood thriller and mystery movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock based on a short story. The concept and direction made it one of the greatest movies ever made and it won numerous Academy Awards. It stars James Stewart ( L. B. "Jeff" Jefferies), Grace Kelly (Lisa Carol), Wendell Corey (Det. Lt. Thomas), Thelma Ritter (Stella), and Raymond Burr (Lars Thorwald. The movie is about a professional photo journalist, Jeff, who while recovering from a leg injury begins to spy on his neighbor, Thorwald. Jeff notices strange activities taking place in Thorwald's apartment, and believes he may have murdered his wife.  He informs the police about his suspicions, the police investigate, but find nothing sinister has occurred. Jeff gets Lisa, his girlfriend and Stella his nurse involved in proving his belief that Thorwald has murdered his wife. But, there is a noticeable mistake in the movie: Jeff is a professional photographer and has access to photo equipment, cameras, etc., and oddly, he does not take any photos of Mr. Thorwald conducting any of his suspicious behavior. 

5)  City Lights (1931)

Silent comedies are still an integral part of cinema history. City lights is one of the greatest movies ever made and it is one of the greatest movies of all time written, produced and directed by Charlie Chaplin. It is one of the iconic movies made by Charlie Chaplin (The Tramp), Virginia Cherrill (the blind girl), and Harry Myers (a millionaire). The is about the misadventures of The Tramp as he falls in love with the blind girl and establishes a friendship with Harry Myers. Despite being a great movie, it did have numerous mistakes: in the great fighting sequence where people in the background are mannequins and cut-outs, one mannequin in a gray suit can be seen several times throughout the movie. In spite of this, the movies is a masterpiece.

6)  Pulp Fiction (1994)

One of the many masterpieces of Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino wrote and directed it.  It included the criminal hi jinks of various characters in Los Angeles. It was a huge success both commercially and critically and received numerous nominations at the Academy Awards, and won at the Cannes Film Festival. It also appeared on multiple best movies ever made lists. It stars John Travolta (Vincent Vega), Samuel L. Jackson (Jules Winnfield), Bruce Willis (Butch Coolidge), Uma Thurman (Mia Wallace), Tim Roth (Ringo/"Pumpkin"), Ving Rhames (Marsellus Wallace). The plot is about the mayhem that occurs when criminals belonging to different classes and people from different professions lives converge. However, an obvious error does occur in this almost flawless movie: one of the scenes show bullets being fired at John Travolta and Samuel but before the shots are fired bullet holes can be seen on the wall. This flaw does nothing to lessen the audiences enjoyment of this perfect movie.

7)  The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

This fantasy genre is depicted amazingly with The Lord of the Rings series but this third installment may be the best. It is directed by Peter Jackson and it is the continuation of previous versions, and stars Frodo Gaggins (Elijah Wood), Samwise Gamgee (Sean Astin) and Gollum (Andy Serkis), and Ian McKellen (Gandalf the White) who are on a quest to destroy the Ring. It was a huge success and became the highest-grossing movie of that time and the second highest-grossing movie of all time. It won numerous awards at the Academy Awards, and is considered to be the most influential fantasy movie ever made. Although it is the most epic movie ever made, it did include an error: during a battle scene the production crew can be seen with the Orc army. 


Cinema entertains the audience through its unforeseen sequences and climax but even the best movies can make mistakes which are hard to notice at first glance. 

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