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Everyday new movies are produced in the Hollywood industry, while some are blockbusters others are lackluster. Nevertheless, all these movies aim for one thing; to help you make the best use of your leisure time. Perhaps you are one of the die-hard movie buffs of this era, and you feel you have seen your fair share of classic movies, and hard to find DVDs. However, there are plenty more to see. There are still a few rare movies out there that probably have not seen. Unlike regular action movies, romantic comedies, or Sci-Fi movies that are readily available on the internet, these movies are seldom seen. And, we may be missing out on some extraordinary films.

Some people might even say these movies are a diamonds in the rough in the Hollywood movie industry. Even though they are seldom watched movies, and don't offer the same commercial strength as their popular counterparts, they've got a lot of potential. A good number of them combine artistic quality with aesthetic relevance and direction. Here are just a few seldom seen rare classic movies, to consider.

1) Cheating Blondes (1933)

Cheating blonds is aone of the seldom-seen movies of all time and its stars the Thelma Todd, Ralf Harolde, Inez Courtney and Mae Busch. The movie is about a reporter, who gets dumped by his girlfriend, Ann Merrick, a factory girl. In the attempt to make Ann's life miserable just as she has made his, Ann's ex-boyfriend tries to tie her to a murder that she didn't commit. Ann's neighbor tries to kiss her against her will, and is shot in the process. Ann screams in horror, and her neighbors come to the hallway to see what is happening. The police arrive, but Ann disappears into the night never to be seen again. Over time the plot of this movie has been jumbled together because some of the film's original scenes are missing. Ann's twin sister who is a bombshell dancer at the Lido Lounge  with legendary legs, and she is billed as the girl with butterfly legs, appears on the scene and the plot thickens.

The movie has a lot of potential; everything about it, from the production, casting, and filming, are well done though the editing could be better. But, all in all, it is an enjoyable movie worth a watch.

2) Sky Devils (1932)

This movie stars Spencer Tracy, William ‘Stage' Boyd, George Cooper, Ann Dvorak, and Billie Bevan, and it was directed and co-written by A. Edward Sutherland. The movie is about two Cowardly Lifeguards Wilkie (Spencer Tracy) and Mitchell (George Cooper), who enjoy eyeing dollies (young women). Wilkie and Mitchell choose to be lifeguards to avoid going to war, in spite of the fact that they didn't know how to swim. But, they get drafted anyway. The make up there minds to desert the army by hopping on a truck that transports manure out of the army base. Unknown to them, the manure truck delivers them to a troopship, heading to France with Army Corp pilots. They are signed up as pilots.

The movie starts out with a satirical tone, but then becomes much more serious.

3) Dirigible (1931)

The Dirigible is another seldom seen movie of the golden and silent era of Hollywood. The movie stars Jack Holt, Fay Wray and Ralph Graves. 'Frisky' Pierce (Ralph Graves), a daring and reckless pilot, who lives life on the edge, competes with his best friend Jack Bradon (Jack Holt). Jack convinces his superior, Rear Admiral John S. Martin (Emmett Corrigan), to allow him to travel to the south pole using his dirigible (airship), and he asks Frisky to come along. But, Frisky's wife fears that this reckless adventure will end his life. She begs Jack to remove Frisky from the program, he does, and Frisky ends their friendship.

The movie combines emotion, romance, and reckless adventure, to create a timeless movie for  die hard movie buffs. Frank Capra directed this movie, and his style contributed to the success of this movie. Its a excellent movie which is highly recommended.

4) Iron Man (1931)

This is a seldom seen and underrated movie. It stars Lew Ayres, Robert Armstrong, and Jean Harlow. In the movie, Kid Mason (Ayres), a prize weight fighter tries to make a name for himself in his boxing career, even as he tries to save his relationship between himself and his mult-timing wife, wife Rose (Harlow). When he loses his fight, his wife deserts him. With Rose gone, and no longer a distraction, Kid trains harder and wins a few titles. Rose returns and worms her way into his heart.

5) Honor Among Lovers (1931)

This classic movie stars Claudette Colbert (Julia Traynor), Fredric March (Jerry Stafford) Monroe Owsley (Philip Craig), Charles Ruggles (Monty Dunn), Ginger Rogers ( Doris Brown) and Pat O'Brien (Conroy). It is about the life of an affluent executive, Jerry Stafford (Fredric March), who is madly in love with his secretary, Julia Traynor, but she rebuffs his advances. He wants a committed relationship with her, but not marriage. He eventually proposes marriage, but it is too late, she has already secretely married her boyfriend. He continues his pursuit anyway, and through an actions filled series of events, things work out.

This movie was pre-code, and filled with lavish beauty, alcoholism, lust, infidelity, violence, and suspense. Its a pretty good watch.

6) Abraham Lincoln (1930)

Abraham Lincoln is a classic biographical film. Though it is a seldom-seen movie and an out of Print DVD, it offers a lot of insight into the early life of Abraham Lincoln (Walter Huston), the former US president. The movie stars Walter Huston (Abraham Lincoln), Una Merkel (Ann Rutledge), William L. Thorne and Jason Robards Sr. It was directed D. W. Griffith.

This film accurately depicts the life of Abraham Lincoln. It is a joyful, hopeful and ultimately sad movie worth watching.

7) City Lights (1931)

The City Lights is a silent film, starring on of the most iconic silent movie actors/comedians of all time, Charles Chaplin playing the 'tramp'. This movie was released in 1931, which was past the time of silent films. But that did not deter Chaplin from sticking to what he knew best, silent screenplay. The movie portrays the love story of the Tramp (Chaplin) and a beautiful blind girl, who is financially struggling. This movie is both romantic, funny and features stunts that were amazing for the time and unique to Charlie Chaplin. It is a true classic, and a delightful film.

The movies listed here are masterpieces in their own right, and should not be overlooked, they are true movie gems.

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