Best Buddy Movies - Part 13

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One activity many people, whether young or old, male or female love to do is watch movies. It is an easily accessible method of escapism.  When a person watches a movie, he finds one exciting experience. Most people love to watch buddy films. This article lists seven buddy movies worth watching.

1.  Up in Smoke (1978)

Plot: At the center of this movie are two stoners who become best friends, Anthony 'Man' Stoner and Pedro de Capas. Anthony’s parents order him to get a job before sunset and that if he doesn’t, he will be sent to military school. He leaves the house and when his car breaks down, he is picked up by Pedro, an equally enthusiastic smoker. They share a large joint and are arrested, but released on a technically when they notice the judge is drinking vodka. Though a vast series of misadventures, things seem to work out for the duo, or do they?

Director: 'Up in Smoke' was directed by Lou Adler.

Main Cast: Cheech Marin (as Pedro De Pacas), Tommy Chong (as Anthony ‘Man’ Stoner), Strother Martin (as Arnold Stoner), and Edie Adams (as Tempest Stoner).

Commercial Performance: 'Up in Smoke' is the first movie of the stoner genre, and it receives praises for such. The film was a tremendous commercial success, grossing $104million worldwide against the $2million budget. Despite being a subject of negative critical reception at its release, it has done better and is now a cult classic.

Awards and Nominations: Los Angeles’ Grammy Award Museum depicts an 'Up in Smoke' exhibit in the museum, a feature that portrays the master tape for the soundtrack album used in the movie. It is an annotated original screenplay, a limited-edition 40th-anniversary' smoking devices,’ and also features a part of Marin’s collection ‘Blazing Chicano Guitars.’

2.  White Men Can’t Jump (1992)

Plot: This film depicts the story of two streetball hustlers. Billy Hoyle is a streetball hustler who makes his living hustling people who believe he cannot play well because he is white. While hustling, he meets Sidney Deane, who presents him with a lucrative opportunity. Together, the two friends partner in the conning game across the courts of Los Angeles.

Director: Ron Shelton directed the 1992 White Men Can’t Jump movie.

Main Cast: Wesley Snipes (as Sidney ‘Syd’ Deane), Woody Harrelson (as Billy Hoyle), Rosie Perez (as Gloria Clemente), and Tyra Ferrell (as Rhonda Deane).

Commercial Performance: This film performed very well with audiences. The movie was made on a budget of $30 million and grossed $91.8 million

Awards and Nominations: At the 1993 Chicago Film Critics Association Awards, Rosie Perez was nominated for two AFCA Awards, the Best Supporting Actress and the Most Promising New Actress. Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes also received two MTV Movie & TV Awards for Best On-Screen Duo and the Best Kiss. The American Film Institute recognized 'White Can’t Jump' in 2008: AFI's 10 Top 10 list and nominated it as a great Sports Film.

3.  This Is the End (2013)

Plot: 'This Is the End' movie has the wake of a global biblical apocalypse as its setting. James Franco, a Hollywood actor, holds a mega party for celebrity pals. Many celebrities attend, including Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson, all are Franco's buddies. While in the mix of the party and without anyone sensing it, an apocalypse of biblical proportions occurs, driving unimaginable carnage for the Tinsel town's elite. Franco and his pals are also trapped in Franco's home at the party. In the midst of all this, cabin fever and dwindling supplies seem to threaten tearing the six friends apart while the world they know disintegrates outside.

Director: Seth Rogen and Evan Goldsberg.

Main Cast: The film had many cameo characters, among them being Backstreet Boys members. The main cast mainly consists of James Franco, Jonah Hill, and Seth Rogen as themselves.

Commercial Performance:  This film was made on a budget of $26 - $41 million, and it grossed $132 million, a tremendous commercial success.

Awards and Nominations: Kevin Hart won the 2014 Acapulco Black Film Festival as the Best Actor of the Year. The film also won two American Comedy Awards for Funniest Motion Picture and Best Comedy Director – Film (Evan Goldberg & Seth Rogen). It also won a Denver Film Critics Society Best Film Golden Schmoes Award for Best Comedy of the Year. The film also received numerous nominations, including the 2014 Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards and the Empire Awards, UK, all for the Best Comedy.

4.  Clerks II (2006)

Plot: This film's plot portrays two slackers, Dante and Randal, both clerks, currently in their 30s. They have indulged themselves in nothing but pop culture and sex. Now, though, their lives must change as they are ready to expand their horizons. This starts when a disaster occurs in their convenience stores and changes their lives. 

Director: Kevin Smith.

Main Cast: Brian O’Halloran (as Dante Hicks), Jeff Anderson (as Randal Graves), Rosario Dawson (as Becky Scott), and Trevor Fehrman (as Elias Grover).

Commercial Performance: This film grossed $27 million on a budget of $5 million.

Awards and Nominations: At the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, 'Clerks II'  was screened against its competition. It later won the Audience Award at the 2006 Edinburgh International Film Festival.

5.  22 Jump Street (2014)

Plot: This film’s plot depicts two undercover cops, Jenko and Schmidt, who are now past college life but are sent on a mission to a college to carry out an investigation on the use of a recreational drug known as WHYPHY. Things go well, but not until Schmidt befriends a girl named Maya. The new friendship tests the boys’ bond, straining their relationship and making them question their partnership.

Director: Phil Lord and Christopher Muller.

Main Cast: Jonah Hill (as Schmidt), Channing Tatum (as Jenko), Peter Stormare (as The Ghost), Wyatt Russell (as Zook Haythe), and Amber Stevens (as Maya).

Commercial Performance:  2014's ' 22 Jump Street' was a commercial success. It was made on a budget of $50 - $84million, and it grossed more than $331.1million.

Awards and Nominations: Mark Mothersbaugh received a BMI Music & TV Music Film Award. At the 2015 Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards, the movie was honored by two nominations, the Critics’ Choice Award Best Comedy Movie and the Best Actor in a Comedy Movie for Channing Tatum.

6.  Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

Plot: This film's plot follows an American veteran, John McClaine, who must employ his old-fashioned military tricks to battle a high-tech threat that threatens the nation as it prepares to celebrate Independence Day. McClane views this day like any other and carries out another routine assignment that involves bringing in a computer hacker for questioning. As this occurs, Thomas Gabriel, a tech-savvy culprit, is launching an attack on America's computer infrastructure. Chaos descends around veteran McClaine who must strain his wits to salvage the situation.

Director: Len Wiseman.

Main Cast: Bruce Willis (as Detective John McClane), Justin Long (as Matthew ‘Matt’ Farrell), and Timothy Olyphant (as Thomas Gabriel).

Commercial Performance: 'Live Free or Die Hard' was a box office hit and a  success. Its entire budget was $110 million (one of the most expensive movies), and it grossed more than $388.2 million.

Awards and Nominations: At the 2008 ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards, the film won an ASCAP Award for Top Office Box Films.

7.  Bad Boys (1995)

Plot: Trouble ensues when $100 million worth of heroin confiscated by Detectives Mike and Marcus gets lost from the station’s headquarters. The Internal Affairs docket thinks that the heist is an inside job and charges the two detectives to retrieve the drugs to prevent the narcotics division from getting shut down.

Director: Michael Bay.

Main Cast: Martin Lawrence (as Detective Sergeant Marcus Miles Burnett), Will Smith (as Detective Sergeant Michael Eugene ‘Mike’ Lowrey), Téa Leoni (as Julie Mott), and Tchéky Karyo (as Antoine Fouchet).

Commercial Performance: This film was a tremendous commercial success. On a budget of $19 - 23 million, it grossed a box office of $141.4 million.

Awards and Nominations: Mark Mancina won a BMI Film & TV Award in 1995. At the 1996 Grammy Awards, the movie was nominated for the Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or for Television (Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds)


This article features seven of the most popular best buddy movies produced. All are watch worthy of audiences young and old.

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