A New Leaf (1971) Walter Matthau, A Dark Comedy

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A spoiled and self-absorbed man who has squandered his inheritance, Henry Graham (Walter Matthau) is desperate to find a way to maintain his lavish lifestyle. Henry sees an opportunity when he meets Henrietta Lowell (Elaine May), an awkward and bookish heiress. Though Henry courts Henrietta, he has no intention of remaining with her, and he develops a surprisingly sinister scheme. As Henry attempts to execute his plan, he finds that seeing it through may not be as easy as he had thought.

Starring:  Walter Matthau, Elaine May, James Coco

Viewer Review:  "Every now and then you stumble across a film that has been forgotten, or just ignored, and for the life of you, you can't figure out why. "A New Leaf" is such a film. Seeing this wonderful dark comedy for the first time was the movie-watching equivalent of discovering buried treasure. One of the marks of an excellent comedy is one that you can watch a number of times and still laugh involuntarily even though you know what is coming.The performances of Matthau and May, as well as the supporting cast are that priceless. A delightful, black romantic comedy that somehow manages to be very light, and as a bonus even subtly tosses out some profound truths. This film is full of BIG laughs and should be seen by anyone who loves a good comedy - Matthau at his best!."

1h, 42m

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