Buddy Buddy (1981) Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau

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A suicidal businessman (Jack Lemmon) and a mob hit man (Walter Matthau) thwart each other through adjoining hotel rooms.

Starring:  Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Klaus Kinski, Paula Prentiss

Viewer Review:  "Although "Buddy Buddy" is yet to be regarded as a modern movie classic, no other films have made me realize the art of comedy such as this one. Walter Matthau is hilarious in his portrayal of Trabucco the assassin who is constantly being interrupted from doing his dirty deeds, by an even more astonishing and suicidal! Jack Lemmon. Director Billy Wilder has captured moments on film that we all seem to relate to one way or another. Together with German actor Klaus Kinski, who is always captivating, Lemmon and Matthau gives a performance one would normally find on a Broadway theatre. Don't miss it!"

1h, 36m

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