Arnold DVD (1973)

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In this morbid comedy, the title character is a deceased and quite wealthy man, who gets married to his lover, Karen (Stella Stevens), so that she can inherit his money. Of course, many others want the fortune of Karen's dead husband, so the only way for her to get all of his money is to have everyone else eliminated. Among those seeking riches, but targeted for death, are the scheming Robert (Roddy McDowall) and the lovely Hester (Elsa Lanchester). Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our website.

Starring:  Stella Stevens, Roddy McDowall, Victor Bouno, Elsa Lanchester, Farley Granger

Viewer Review:  "The pace of the movie is brisk as it moves to a surprise ending that is both satisfying and pretty disturbing for a "comedy." I respect a film that is willing to pretend to be all light and funny, then end so hatefully! The theme of this film is that everyone is money-grubbing, selfish and weak. Nasty, black-hearted, TRULY WEIRD (the opening song just kills me) and I love it! And Stella Stevens is gorgeous and amazing, as always.  Excellent cast and plot!  I recommend it."

1h, 34m

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