Abandon Ship! DVD (1957)

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A true story;  After the massive luxury liner the Crescent Star sinks into the ocean, the ship's officer (Tyrone Power) must command a rickety life boat, built for only nine, that is stuffed with 20 desperate and injured passengers. As a hurricane approaches, and the many wounded passengers struggle for life, difficult life and death decisions must be made about who will remain on the boat and who must be cast to the sea in order to give others the chance to survive.

Starring:  Tyrone Power, Stephen Boyd, Lloyd Nolan, Mai Zetterling

Viewer Review:  "Ty Power was terrific as a dramatic actor. This film really opened my eyes to his capabilities. He had what it takes to project the reality across to us, the viewers. Although I wouldn't want to be in his situation, of deciding on the fate of survivors in a lifeboat, still I felt his decisions were the best that could be done in such an extreme and dire situation. I'm sure no one would want to be in his shoes at that time. It's a remarkably realistic revelation of human nature at its best and worse. A "must see" for those interested in drama, and particularly in Ty Power's development as a serious performer. Highly recommended."

1h, 40m

Format: DVD

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