Elvis and Me (1988) Mini Series DVD

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Courted at 14 by Elvis (Dale Midkiff) and wed to him at 21, Priscilla Presley (Susan Walters) recalls their life, times and divorce.

Starring:  Dale Midkiff, Susan Walters, Linda Miller

Viewer Quote:  "This movie is absolutely wonderful. I have watched it countless times! I think that the actors in this movie do a wonderful job in portraying Elvis and his life. Priscilla does a wonderful job bringing his life to the public in a beautiful story. Thank you! I recommend this movie to any one who has any interest in the King, young and old. Even those who do not know that much about him, it is a wonderful movie, and you WILL enjoy it, really!!"

Loving You (1957) starring Elvis Presley

Format:  DVD

3h, 1m

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