Shirley Valentine DVD (1989)

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Shirley is a middle-aged Liverpool housewife, who finds herself talking to the wall while she prepares her husband's chip'n'egg, wondering what happened to her life. She compares scenes in her current life with what she used to be like and feels she's stagnated and in a rut. But when her best friend wins an all-expenses-paid vacation to Greece for two, Shirley begins to see the world, and herself, in a different light. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our website.

Starring: Pauline Collins, Tom Conti, Julia McKenzie

Viewer Review: "The scenery is as wonderful as the story. This is a sweet yet hilariously funny film. Shirley Valentine is a gem of a film and a must see, so treat yourself. "This is a memorable and delightful film!

1h, 48m

Format: DVD

Language: English Dolby Digital 5.0

Region: 0 (playable worldwide) 

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