Seminole DVD (1953)

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Lt. Lance Caldwell (Rock Hudson) is sent to Fort King in Florida to serve under Maj. Harlan Degan (Richard Carlson), who wants to rid the area of the Native American Seminole tribe. This plan sits poorly with Caldwell, whose childhood friend -- and rival in his pursuit of the lovely Revere Muldoon (Barbara Hale) -- is the tribe's chief, Osceola (Anthony Quinn). Tension between the Seminole and the army rises, and, when a guard is killed at the fort, the lieutenant is blamed for the murder.

Starring:  Rock Hudson, Anthony Quinn, Barbara Hale, Richard Carlson

Viewer Review:  "This an entertaining western that has not aged and that shows the Seminoles with respect and dignity.  What sets this above the average "western" or "southern version of a Western", is the famous battle scene. This was one of the most dramatic skirmish scenes ever filmed. It involves about twenty five soldiers against hidden natives, who do appear from hiding to attack. It is well blocked, and very exciting. It ranks as one of the most memorable battle scenes ever. The journey through the swamp is also well done, and dramatic."

Format:  DVD

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