Hercules Unchained DVD (1959)

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Hercules (Steve Reeves) returns to Greece with his bride, Iole (Sylva Koscina), and their young companion, Ulysses (Gabriele Antonini), after a number of perilous escapades at sea. The three are immediately beset by a series of trials, each more difficult than the last. Hercules must defeat his enemies and unite the people while resisting the magical allure of the beautiful Queen Omphale (Sylvia Lopez). Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our website.

Starring: Steve Reeves, Sylva Kosina, Gabriele Antonini

Viewer Review: "This is the second Hercules film featuring Steve Reeves as the man of muscle. The epic scope, humor, music, acting, heroes, locations, villains, pretty as I said, everything about this movie is perfect!"

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