Mission of Justice (1992) Jeff Wincott, Brigette Nielsen

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An outlaw lawman (Jeff Wincott) infiltrates a gang of vigilante ninja to save the city from the group's leader (Brigitte Nielsen), a 'law and order' mayoral candidate and racist leader of a secret neo-fascist group.

Starring:  Jeff Wincott, Bridgette Nielsen

Viewer Quote:  "This movie really rocks! Jeff Wincott is terrific in the film! His fighting incredible! He is such a fast martial artist! Brigitte Nielsen & Matthias Hues was very good! Mission of Justice is an action packed movie that is never boring! If you like fighting movies with incredible non stop action then check out Mission of Justice today!"

Format:  DVD

1h, 31m

This DVD is encoded NTSC Region ALL (playable worldwide).

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