No Retreat No Surrender 2 (1989) Cynthia Rothrock

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American kickboxer (Loren Avedon), must go to Cambodia to rescue his Vietnamese girlfriend from Russian and Vietnamese troops at Death Mountain. But waiting for him there is one who is unbeaten--a master of combat whose strength is matched only by his cruelty. Not only must our hero face the master to win back his girl, but he must fight an entire army to reach him.

Viewer Quote:  "This is one of the most amazing films you will ever see. It has some of the most marvelous directing and cinematography of action scenes ever recorded on film. Loren Avedon is simply matchless as a young humble American hero in his first movie. The story line is equally captivating and engrosses the viewer."

This film stars the American Lady Kung Fu, Cynthia Rothrock, and an excellent martial artist named Loren Avedon! It is a must have dvd those who enjoy martial arts films.

This dvd is encoded Region 0 (playable worldwide).

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