Mistral's Daughter (1984) Complete Mini Series (2 Disc Set)

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Beautiful and naïve Maggy Lunel (Stephanie Powers) arrives in 1920's Paris completely broke. She becomes an artist's model and the toast of Paris, attracting the attention of Picasso-like painter Julien Mistral (Stacy Keach), an arrogant and selfish man who places his work above everything. Their paths diverge as Mistral's art catches the eye of a rich American woman who becomes his patroness and eventually his wife (Lee Remick). As Mistral ages, he comes to terms with his selfish past and wartime betrayal.

Starring:  Stacy Keach, Stephanie Powers, Lee Remick, Timothy Dalton, Robert Urich

Viewer Quote:  "This is a sumptuous, cozy up to the fire kind of film for a rainy day blubber-fest. The "mistral" a wild, hot wind that blows for weeks in parts of Greece and Italy, this epic tale blows likewise, with the fiery passion of a true "romantic". Stephanie Powers is probably the only woman who could have pulled off the age span (17 into her 50's), and she does it very well. But once Timothy Dalton took over the screen all else paled. Talk about wild and hot, this man could make any woman burn!  Also, the artworks depicted in the film are striking, and one could almost believe to find them in some gallery in New York or Chicago.This is a beautiful, romantic and entertaining miniseries - just sit back and enjoy!"

Format:  DVD

6h, 30m

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