Princess Daisy (1983) 2 Disc Set

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The lovely Daisy is the daughter of a Russian prince and an American movie star. After her parents are killed, she flees from her half-brother Ram. She fights her way to the top of the modeling profession and falls in love with a company president. But then, her half-brother arrives on the scene, ready to blackmail and destroy her. The complete miniseries - 2 discs.

Starring:  Lindsey Wagner, Paul Michael Glaser, Robert Urich, Stacy Keach, Merete Van Kamp

Viewer Review:  "This is one of my favorite miniseries. I had not seen this movie since the early 80's and have loved it since. This film is surprisingly timeless. Well acted and charming.  Overall, a lovely, elegant and enjoyable film.  Highly recommended."

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