The Grim Reaper (1962) Rare

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Roman police detectives interrogate a series of potential perpetrators in their struggle to determine whom to arrest for the brutal murder of a beautiful prostitute whose body is discovered in a park on the day of a torrential rainstorm. One by one, the prime suspects -- girl-crazy teenager Nino (Giancarlo De Rosa), pickpocket Canticchia (Francesco Ruiu), a soldier on leave, a tourist and a pimp -- recount the events of the day to the police, each insisting he is innocent.

Viewer Quote:  "Frankly, this is Barnardo Bertolucci's (director of 'Last Tango In Paris') best film.  The performances - in some scenes by real street urchins, are superior. All ring true, particularly when the second crook tells his 'version' of events. As the camera gives the lie to his protestations of innocence, we see through the casual violence of his life, the essential truth: most crime is fueled by boredom, rather than bad breaks or genetic disposition. The crisp black and white cinematography enhances everything it focuses on with tremendous elegance, showing that Bertolucci knew his business and his camera angles, mostly shown in scenes in the park, are always effective.  And last, the haunting soundtrack actually haunts. It works perfectly. It fulfills the purpose of a cinematic score - it enhances the film - frequently raising the dramatic stakes all on its lonesome. This film deserves a view by all fans of the Italian cinema because it marked the arrival on the scene of a revolutionary director whose career spans more than forty years.

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