The Left Hand of God DVD (1955)

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Having crash-landed in remote China during World War II, Jim Carmody (Humphrey Bogart) becomes an aide to vicious warlord General Yang (Lee J. Cobb). But when he sees one of the general's soldiers murder a priest in cold blood, Carmody adopts the dead man's identity in a bid to escape. Reaching the American-run missionary hospital that was the priest's destination, he falls for nurse Anne Scott (Gene Tierney) and attempts to save the endangered mission when General Yang appears on the scene. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Starring:  Humphrey Bogart, Gene Tierney, Lee J. Cobb

Viewer Review:  "If you like warm feelings and inspirational plots, you will love this film. This is solid family entertainment. It has superb acting and writing, and it is very heart warming without being corny or maudlin. Bogart is at his best type cast in his standard role of a cynic from the school of hard knocks who, when put to the test, shows himself to have a heart of gold underneath it all. The extreme poverty and ignorance of Chinese rural people at this time, as well as the very successful inroads made by Catholic missionaries there during this period are accurately portrayed. Highly recommended."

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