Martial Law II (1991)

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Undercover cops, investigating the death of a fellow police officer, uncover a ring of murder and corruption at a nightclub where the rich are entertained by seductive women.

Starring:  Cynthia Rothrock, Jeff Wincott, Billy Drago, Paul Johansson

Viewer Review:  "I love this movie. It is over-the-top, well produced (seriously, Kurt Anderson -- the director-- has got some of the best performances out of the cast, good fights, a good look and good editing), comical (both on purpose and not-so-on purpose in scenes). And, Danny Borelli, I don't know why or how this guy did it, but he plays perhaps the best recovering alcoholic in film history ... well maybe second best to Ray Milland. This film is a lot of fun to watch, and don't just take my word for it, watch it!"

1h, 31m

Format: DVD

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