Police Around the World DVD (1991)

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A video chronicle of The Police's first world tour, the viewer is invited along with the band to explore Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, India, Egypt, France, Latin America, and finally end up in Los Angeles. The stage performances showcase the band playing with a frenzy and passion that would not be matched during their superstardom years. (In fact, sometimes you could say they got TOO passionate--Stewart drives them like a madman through some numbers, and Sting gets into a swearing and spitting match with an audience member in France.)

Starring:  Sting, The Police, Miles A Copeland III, Ian Copland

Viewer Quote:  "The Police were very good at documenting themselves. This film is proof of that! You've got to see one show which features an extremely angry Sting cursing and baiting a member of the audience for throwing mud and stones at him - which prompts Sting to give the audience the finger. All this takes place during the song "De,Do,Do,Do,De,Da,Da,Da" which creates kind of an unusual, surreal contrast to the song. Sting yelling for a roadie to pull this guy out of the audience over the piped-in background vocals of the bridge. Watch this movie. If you already have, then you know that this is the best released footage of the Police in their prime!"

Format:  DVD

This DVD is formatted NTSC REGION 0 (playable worldwide). 

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