Black Like Me (1964) James Whitmore

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A fact-based film starring James Whitmore as John Howard Griffin, who medically altered his pigment and, with the help of a sunlamp, reinvented himself as an itinerant black writer navigating his way through Mississippi and Alabama. Along the way he experienced firsthand both crushing racism and the incredible life force of the Afro-American communities. Based on the landmark memoir by John Howard Griffin.  This is a thoroughly gripping and well-scripted film.

Viewer Quote:  "The movie BLACK LIKE ME does not portray "every white person as a bigot" (though in my years growing up in the South, I never met a bigot who self-identified as one), but it does show how a rotten few can intimidate a complacent majority on any issue. The movie doesn't portray the white man as being evil and racist, just a history of the south at that time."

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