Beloved Hollywood Movie Stars We’ve Recently Lost

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Hollywood, like any industry, has had its fair share of loss, and in recent times we've had to bid some of our favorite Hollywood stars farewell. If only our tears could bring them back, we would have cried them a river.

Surely, it isn’t easy to accept the demise of stars who have used their talents to influence our lives positively. Even though we only see them live their lives from the other side of our TV screens in rare movies, we have come to love them. In fact, some of us even look up to them as mentors and role models.

Truth be told, Hollywood and cinematography would not be what they are today if these stars hadn’t dedicated their lives and service to entertainment. Their dedication to humanity has brought about the production of many classic movies that any die-hard movie buffs would be proud of. That is why it comes as no surprise that the hard to find movies that features those stars are still valued as prized possessions by serious movie buffs.

Even though we don’t have the resources to honor these fallen stars with look-alike statutes, we can show our gratitude by sharing their stories with future generations. So here’s a tribute to Hollywood fallen stars that we lost in recent times.

  1. Albert Finney

Albert Finney was a celebrated English actor who used his talent and enery  for the benefit of cinematography and entertainment. He rose to fame and got a spot in Hollywood’s limelight during the “kitchen sink” era.  Even though most of his films are now out of print, you can still appreciate his  charisma and charm. Some of his work includes Tom Jones (1960), the Entertainer (1960), The Bourne Ultimatum (2007). He also featured in the James Bond movie –Skyfall. Albert Finney died 7th, February 2019 (at age 82) and he will be missed for the wonderful classic films that he gave us.


  1. Carol Channing

Carol Channing was a multi-talented actress who was renowned for her roles on Broadway and in film musicals. Aside from the fact that she was a talented actress, she was also a singer, comedian, and a dancer. Surely, her contributions to the the entertainment world via classic and hard to find DVD’s will not go unnoticed. She made us cry, made us laugh, and when she and most of all, she entertained us. You will find her beautiful face printed across posters of many old movies. For instance, Hello, Dolly (1964), Alice in Wonderland (1985), and so on. She died on the 15th of January, 2019.

  1. Jan Michael-Vincent

Jan Michael-Vincent was a celebrated American actor who gained viewers appeal for his protagonist role in the 1978 film 'Big Wednesday' and his role in the 1984-1986 series Airwolf. He died at age 72 on the 10th of January, 2019.  Other notable films:  White Line Fever (1975), Buster and Billie 1974), The Mechanic (1972), The Last Plane Out (1983), Deadly Heroes (1993) and many more...

  1. Stan Lee

Stan Lee is a celebrated editor and publisher of Marvel comic books. No doubt, Hollywood and the team at Marvel would miss Stan Lee for his contributions to comics and superhero movies. Most of the Marvel superheroes that we have come to love and adore are products of Stan Lee's imagination. Indeed, Stan Lee was a blessing to Hollywood, and he'll be missed for his creativity and his unmatched imagination. The legend and genius –Stan Lee – died on the 12th of November 2019 at age 95, we feel still too early. Leaving his Superheros behind to protect us.

While It’s never easy to say goodbye to your favorite persons, we are forever grateful for having these legendary stars in our generation.

Others Hollywood Legends We’ve Recently Lost:

Penny Marshall:  World-Class Director, Actor (Laverne and Shirley), and more...

Katherine Helmond:  TV Series - Soap, Who's The Boss, more...

Luke Perry: Beverly Hills, 90210, and more...

Dick Miller:  Character Actor, 80’s Classic, Gremlins, and more...

Kaye Ballard:  Broadway Legend

Kristoff St. John:  Actor -The Young and the Restless

Bob Einstein:  Character, stuntman Super Dave, and more...

And sadly, many more of our beloved stars.... 

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