Popular Movie Stars of Yesteryear

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All the rare movies that the world has to offer and all the classic films that the world has ever known are direct portrayals of other people’s talent. They are actors; they are stars, they give us a piece of the past and, in other cases, they give us a glimpse of the possible future. There is no question that if these actors did not give their life to the cinematography, the world would be shallow without the many classic films they helped create.

Movie scripts may look good with their production, editing, and direction having the makings of a true classic. However, if you can’t find the right faces and talents to play out the roles, the plot will fall flat. There is probably no argument here that actors have given us a plethora of rare movies that we now enjoy in our modern day society that deserve all of our praise.

The motivation behind this piece is to appreciate our stars; their hard work, talents, consistency, and their services to cinematography and to humanity as a whole. Over and above that, we want to show our appreciation for the part they’ve played in our life’s journey since the Golden era of Hollywood, and how consistent they’ve been with their classic movies.

While we may not be able to name all the hardworking actors, that have dedicated their lives to entertainment and cinematography. We can’t help but recognize the following stars.

  1. Clark Gable

Clark Gable (1901 - 1960) was a celebrated film actor who earned the nickname “The King of Hollywood” for his contributions to the classic movies of all time, many of them westerns. He starred in over 60 classic films (most of them are now available on hard to find DVD’s). In 1939, Clark Gable was featured in the movie “Gone with the Wind”, and was nominated for an Oscar for his role as Rhett Butler. Other notable Gable movies are 'The King and Four Queens' (1956) and 'Across The Wide Missouri' (1951). Clark Gable was so talented and consistent in the film industry that he appeared 16 times in Quigley’s yearly publication of the Top Ten Money Making Stars.

  1. Errol Flynn

Errol Flynn was a handsome and dashing talent of the Hollywood golden era, and he is recognized for the unique way he portrayed romantic characters in his action adventure movies. At a point, he was named the 18th greatest hero in Hollywood history for the role he played in the movie “The Adventures of Robin Hood." No doubt, Errol Flynn has made a mark on the world’s stage that the sands of time cannot erase. The hard to find movies he has starred in are the prized possessions of many serious movie buffs and his die-hard fans. Other notable works include:  Captain Blood (1935, The Sea Hawk (1940, Against All Flags (1952), They Died With Their Boots On (1941), and a treasure trove of other movies we still enjoy today!

  1. Katherine Hepburn

Katherine Hepburn was one of the most talented, independent, and high-spirited actresses, ever to walk the grounds of Hollywood. She starred in many old movies of the Hollywood golden era.  In recognition of her talent, as a unique personality, and strong female in Hollywood, she was honored with four Academy awards for best actress. She starred in some of the world’s most favorite movies, many now on DVD are sought world wide by serious movie buffs and Katherine hepburn fans today. In many of her best films, she was paired with the perfect leading men for her characters, Spencer Tracy, Cary Grant and Humphrey Bogart).  Some of most popular movies include: The African Queen (1951), Woman of the Year (1942), The Philadelphia Story (1940), Adams Rib (1949) and On Golden Pond (1981) as well as many many more!

Other Notable Greats of Yesteryear:

James Stewart

Marlon Brando

Susan Hayward

Cary Grant

Audrey Hepburn

John Wayne

Marilyn Monroe

Tyrone Power

Glenn Ford

And, many, many more…. 

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