Mr. Frost DVD (1990)

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Mr. Frost (Jeff Goldblum) is arrested for murder after he is apprehended burying his victims in the garden. However, even while under psychiatric care and tight hospital security, it becomes obvious that there is more to Mr. Frost than it first appears, and he is more dangerous than anyone could have imagined. This is a disarmingly dark, scary and disturbing must-see film - Jeff Goldblum is perfectly cast as the seductive and frightening Mr. Frost. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our website.

Starring: Jeff Goldblum, Alan Bates, Kathy Baker

Viewer Quote: "This is one of my favorite horror/suspense films of all time. Jeff Goldblum is seductively chilling as the serial killer. He is an enigmatic serial killer who may or may not be imbued with supernatural powers. Mr Frost is worth a look if for no other reason than to watch Jeff Goldblum's spine-chilling performance. I highly recommend it."

Shooting Elizabeth starring Jeff Goldblum.

1h, 29m

Format: DVD

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