South Central (1992)

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During a 10-year sentence for murdering the leader of a rival South Central Los Angeles gang, Bobby Johnson (Glenn Plummer) finds religion and rehabilitation with the help of Muslim inmate Ali. Upon his release, Bobby returns home to find that his young son, Jimmie (Christian Coleman), has joined the Deuces, his old crew. Tensions rise as Bobby struggles to convince Jimmie to leave the gang that was his only family during the painful years his absent father spent behind bars.

Starring:  Glenn Plummer, Lexie Bigham, Byron Minns, LaRita Shelby

Viewer Review:  "Powerful! This is an excellent movie that presents a realistic view of south central at that time. I lived there and this is one of the few movies that showed a realistic view of real life in the hood. Glenn Plummer's acting is outstanding! Many parts of this movie touched a lot of us on the streets, the overall cast acting is great. This movie laid the foundation for other popular hood movies like boyz n da hood and others, but it is much more than a hood movie it takes you through the struggles of life on the streets and how sometimes you can't help the situation that you're in.  This is a love story.. the love between a real father and his son, and how a small corrupted group can effect the whole community, on the other hand how a corrupted gang member can also be saved by a strong willful cultured person like Ali. This is a truly must-see movie!"


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