Sniper 23 Days of Fear in Washington DC DVD (2003)

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A true story. From October 2nd - 25th, 2002, the capital of the United States was held in a grip of terror by a pair of elusive snipers whose targets were seemingly selected at random. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Starring: Charles S. Dutton, Ja O. Sanders, Bobby Hosea

Viewer Quote: "The feel of this movie is very authentic. The acting is very realistic and tells both sides of the story. I really felt like I was experiencing those days all over again. This story is very emotional, but backed up by facts. It's certainly a very enthralling and moving account that will have you hooked to the end."

Run Time: 1h, 25m

Format: DVD

Best digital transfer available. No pending U.S. DVD release date.

Language: English, 5.1 Dolby Digital

Aspect Ratio: 1.78

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