Anna Lucasta DVD (1958)

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Anna Lucasta (Eartha Kitt) has been walking the streets in San Diego since being thrown out of home, at 19, by her alcoholic father, Joe (Rex Ingram). She's estranged from her family, but when her father and brother-in-law (Frederick O'Neal) see greedy potential in an arranged marriage to affluent Rudolph (Henry Scott), Anna is called back home. Old wounds have hardly healed, though. Just as Anna starts to feel for Rudolph, Danny (Sammy Davis Jr.), an old friend, returns to make life difficult. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Starring:  Eartha Kitt, Sammy Davis, Jr., Fredrick O'Neal

Viewer Review:  "When Sammy Davis Jr and Eartha Kitt act together it's dynamite. But they are not alone. Equally prominent is Rex Ingram as the father in a completely wayward character that can't control himself, disoriented in life, lost in booze, all mixed up because of his beloved daughter, that he felt he had to banish from his life forever, without succeeding - he is the one who begs her to come back. This film is enacted with grim intensity and empathy concerning all the characters, including the mother, the suitor, the family and even the lower people at the joint. An important part is played by Elmer Bernstein's music, ingeniously illustrating the rapidly changing moods and trains of thoughts, also including a fabulous show scene with Sammy going solo. This is truly a film to enjoy!"

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