Cry The Beloved Country (1951) Sidney Poitier, Canada Lee

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Stephen Kumalo (Canada Lee) is a black preacher living in South Africa, circa 1946. When his son is accused of murdering a prominent white man, Kumalo goes to Johannesburg to offer his support. With the aid of a local clergyman (Sidney Poitier), he eventually meets James Jarvis (Charles Carson), the father of the murdered youth. Enemies at first, Kumalo and Jarvis gradually learn to respect one another, a symbol of the healing that would eventually destroy apartheid.

Starring:  Sidney Poitier, Canada Lee, Charles Carson

Viewer Quote:  "This movie does not dwell on this murderer but on his very decent father, the reverend. You can really tell that the old man is completely torn and racked with pain over his son's deeds. And, no matter what he says or does to the victim's decent father (a man who himself is against Apartheid), he can't undo the act. Amazingly, the victim's father understands and appreciates this. So in the end, you are left with two fundamentally decent men who are struggling to come to terms with senseless violence but maintain their humanity and dignity. A brilliant film that is about people and society."

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