All The Young Men DVD (1960)

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While fighting in the Korean War, a Marine lieutenant is killed, leaving Sgt. Eddie Towler (Sidney Poitier) in charge. However, since Towler is black, he faces resistance from some of the men, most notably Pvt. Bracken (Paul Richards), a racist soldier from the South who doesn't hide his prejudice, and Sgt. Kincaid (Alan Ladd), who actually has more experience in the field. As Towler struggles to maintain order within his platoon, the men must continue to battle the enemy. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our website.

Starring:  Alan Ladd, Sidney Poitier, Paul Richards, James Darren

Viewer Review:  "This is a wonderful, moving war flick which addresses interdependence of soldiers, their deep friendships and affection for one another, social mores and racism.   The photography and the ambientation is great and the cast amazing. All the combat scenes are created in a realistic way, the equipment and gear of the american marines as well as those of the North Koreans and Chinese. Definitely worth watching."


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 1h, 27m

Format: DVD

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